For 15 years SNS has successfully deployed solutions for a wide variety of organisations and over this time have gained a reputation for providing first-class services. By planning every project in detail, delivery is on schedule and to budget.

Pre and post sales design

There are so many ways to design IT solutions today, with a huge range of products and price points available. The SNS approach is to start with the customer’s requirements and budget, then explore the pros and cons of all the relevant options in detail, and finally short-list them down to what is viable.

We then perform a sizing exercise to make sure that the solution is appropriate, and fine-tune it so it is optimal for the customer’s technical and budgetary needs.

Moving onto the deployment, no project is undertaken without a documented planning exercise – in the minimum amount of time we will provide a Statement of Work, setting out all the stages we will work through, the tests we will run, the results we expect, and what both SNS and the customer need to provide to make those results a reality.

Total solution financing

We support the needs of our customers by providing them with the ability to finance their solution in a way that makes best use of their budget:

  • Defer payments for up to 8 months
  • Spread payments over 3, 4 or 5 years
  • Include hardware, software and services
  • Trade in legacy kit

Should I buy, finance, or lease?

Every organisation has unique circumstances to consider – the following questions can help you make a quick assessment:

  • Does my organisation have a limited amount of capital available?
  • Should I reserve my working capital for short-term operating needs?
  • Is the equipment likely to be obsolete in a few years?

If you answer “yes” to one or more of these questions, a lease or financing structure may be for you. SNS can help you explore all the options and choose the one that best meets your organisation’s needs.

Quality project delivery

Implementation is carried out by an experienced and certified engineer following the detailed plan laid out in the Statement of Work. This ensures maximum efficiency and quality – enabling us to guarantee that the project will meet the customer’s exact needs, and be delivered on time and to budget.

Throughout the deployment SNS takes full responsibility for the delivery and will liaise with the product vendors support teams as appropriate.

Once the deployment has been completed a hand-over service is provided including basic training and detailed technical documentation – empowering the customer to fully maintain the solution moving forward.

To ensure a smooth handover a free helpdesk service is provided for the first 3 months, and this can be extended as required.

Advanced training

Basic hand-over training is included with all projects, and this should be sufficient for most customers to administer and support the solution moving forward.

If more advanced training is required then Administrator knowledge transfer can be conducted on-site which is typically more cost effective than traditional class-room based courses.

This ensures our customers are as self sufficient as possible and with a customisable curriculum the content will be focused, relevant and delivered in the minimum amount of time.

Training is carried out by certified consultants who are very familiar with the features of each product deployed in your environment, and up to 5 attendees can take part.

Post deployment support

Our helpdesk service provides a high quality support offering to provide problem resolution for any of the products that we deploy. Support calls can be raised by phone at just the cost of a local call or via our helpdesk portal. Our portal allows you to track the progress of any call as well as providing you with statistics on historical use.

Our experienced helpdesk technicians will work through any problems direct with you using their technical knowledge or raise and track product behavioural issues direct with the vendor. An experienced person will always be able to assist you and talk to you direct so you will not have to explain your problem multiple times!

Many of our customers allow our remote support utility to be installed and configured behind their firewall to enable us to follow up issues outside of normal working hours without needing their intervention.

The service can be tailored to your needs, from standard break fix all the way up to performing regular system maintenance tasks.

Health checks and audit reports

The demands on IT systems increase significantly overtime, so even though a system may have been sized optimally at the time of deployment a year down the line it may well be struggling.

Vendor best practice can also be a moving target and it is important to keep up to date with the latest changes to ensure optimum performance and availability.

It is advisable to periodically perform health checks and audits on your systems – this will identify any performance, capacity or best practice non-compliance issues.

Conducted on-site or remotely – you will receive in-depth reports and a summary of all our findings and recommendations.

Ongoing technical assistance

Most customers like to be as self-sufficient as possible and our planning, implementation, hand-over and training services are designed specifically to provide this. Equally most customers cannot justify being experts on all the products they have, instead they need a good knowledge, but will top this up with external expertise as required.

Our Expert Companion service allows our customers to purchase our consultancy services up-front at discounted rates. When they require expert assistance they simply call off the days – this could be for a support issue, roll-out of a new feature, training, health-check or planning for a new deployment or upgrade.

Having an expert available on-site as and when needed provides tremendous peace of mind for the IT department.

  • quotes

    Viacom International Media Networks

    I’ve been attending SNS seminars for a few years now and take on board the very useful technical and case study information for implementing or upgrading our EMC SAN infrastructure. It has a positive influence in my decision making for future upgrades, I would recommend to others.

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  • casestudy

    VMware Refresh for Leyton Sixth Form College

    SNS provided us with a dedicated team of professional sales and technical personnel who are always on hand to provide honest knowledgeable advice and expertise. Over the years SNS have provided Leyton Sixth Form College with excellent service, it is always reassuring to talk to a passionate team who understand not only the latest technologies but also the key issues affecting the education sector. I would have no hesitation in recommending SNS to any organisation who are looking to build a relationship with a trusted supplier.

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  • quotes


    The VMworld 2014 Roadshow was a very informative and well thought-out and presented session. The approach taken by SNS to involve experiences from all participants made it enjoyable and a real world learning session. The SNS technical members are truly a highly knowledgeable team willing to share their expertise.

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  • casestudy

    VMware DR & Data Protection for Angel Trains

    There were just too many physical servers so we needed to virtualise as much as we could and make the process as painless as possible. In addition the business could no longer be confident that in the event of a disaster it could reliably recover, we needed the process to be streamlined so we can easily test our business continuity plan on a regular basis.

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  • quotes

    Waltham Forest College

    The event was organised with the right topics – I found NSX, Virtual SAN and vRealize Operations very useful.

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  • casestudy

    VMware Data Protection for Jephson Housing Group

    We have a diverse infrastructure and therefore have deployed a wide range of backup products, we also tried a number of free or low-cost agent-less VMware solutions, but these proved to be unreliable. Backup had become a significant drain on the department’s resources and it had become clear that we needed to consolidate onto a single reliable solution.

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  • quotes


    Great event for those who want a technical discussion on upcoming VMware products, found it useful to help us prepare for future projects and implementations.

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  • casestudy

    VMware Data Protection for University of Westminster

    The University has been running a mix of internal and out-sourced backup solutions for many years which has worked, but there has been a clear desire to reduce administration and consolidate these into a single solution. We were clear that any new solution would need to provide us with the ability to back up and restore our VMs without the need for in-guest agents to be installed.

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