Terms and Conditions

As part of the service delivery process SNS requires that a Statement of Work (SOW) document be completed, agreed and approved by the customer. This is to ensure that the customer has the opportunity to define the tasks that they require SNS to undertake and the SNS consultant clearly understands what is expected of him.

If there is any dispute with regard to the work required in comparison to the work delivered, then the SOW document will be used as a guide. Any additional work requested, not included in the original SOW document will be accommodated within the same time-scale; if the consultant concludes that this is realistic to achieve. If not then a supplementary SOW document will be produced and a re-negotiated time-scale/charge will have to be agreed. The SOW document forms the basis of the contract between the customer and SNS. SNS cannot be held accountable for what may have been implied, inferred, or expected at the time if it is not included in the SOW document.

We will match the most suitably qualified consultant available for each job; however we reserve the right to substitute any consultant at any time.

SNS commit to providing a resolution for both problem solving and installation work wherever possible within the time-scale quoted in the SOW document.

A standard working day is 7 hours, with typical hours of 9:00AM-5:00PM with 1 hour for lunch. Any variation to these times will be agreed in advance with the customer. No refund will be made for less than 7 hours delivered if the problem/installation has been completed within the time period quoted. Time spent over and above the standard working day will not be charged for up to a maximum of one hour. After this time a re-negotiated time-scale/charge will have to be agreed.

Work undertaken out of normal office hours, (9:00AM-5:00PM Monday to Friday), will be charged at 1.5 x the standard day rate up until midnight. After midnight will be charged at 2 x the standard day rate.

All bank holiday work will be charged at 2 x the standard day rate. For all work undertaken outside of normal office hours the minimum charge will be one day.

In performing its obligation under this contract, SNS shall exercise reasonable skill and care. SNS will not however be responsible for the suitability of products or service supplied, which is based upon information supplied by the customer or third parties. The responsibility for decisions taken on the basis of advice given by SNS will remain with the customer.

Data backup is the sole responsibility of the customer. Backup software and hardware installed by SNS will be subjected to a basic test procedure, however SNS cannot be held responsible for the performance of any equipment, procedures, software or viability of backup data. Prior to SNS attempting any work, backups of systems must be performed and verified by the customer. In the event that SNS are in a position to work on a system which has not been backed-up or backups have proven unreliable, then such work undertaken at the request of the customer is conducted on the understanding that SNS will not be liable for any issues that may arise such as hardware failures, software issues or loss of data.

Any consultancy work undertaken by SNS does not entitle the customer to unlimited technical support after the completion of the work. SNS will provide remote support on the consultancy work delivered, for up to ten working days after the completion of the work. After this period any additional requests for support will be treated as a separate issue and a quotation for the support will be provided on request.

Two working days notice is required to cancel scheduled work, otherwise a charge will be made to your account for the full amount of time scheduled.

Delays caused by the customer or third parties will incur a charge against your account for any additional work required and a re-negotiated time-scale/charge will have to be agreed.

All prices quoted include all expenses incurred by SNS. In some circumstances it may be necessary for SNS to charge for additional expenses. These will be negotiated on an individual basis and agreed with the customer in advance.

The consultant who is undertaking the work is not authorised to handle any re-negotiations on behalf of SNS, all re-negotiations must be with your Account Manager.

Qualification for the seminar free product quarterly draw will only be provided on submission of a fully completed and accurate survey form, attendance of the seminar and submission of a fully completed and accurate seminar feedback form.

All prices quoted are in pounds sterling and exclude V.A.T., which will be charged at the appropriate rate.

Payment including V.A.T. is required prior to commencement of any support services.

Payment including V.A.T. is required within 30 days of receiving all other goods and services.

All prices are valid for 30 days, which then must be re-validated by SNS in writing.

Errors & Omissions Excepted.

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    Viacom International Media Networks

    I’ve been attending SNS seminars for a few years now and take on board the very useful technical and case study information for implementing or upgrading our EMC SAN infrastructure. It has a positive influence in my decision making for future upgrades, I would recommend to others.

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  • casestudy

    VMware Refresh for Leyton Sixth Form College

    SNS provided us with a dedicated team of professional sales and technical personnel who are always on hand to provide honest knowledgeable advice and expertise. Over the years SNS have provided Leyton Sixth Form College with excellent service, it is always reassuring to talk to a passionate team who understand not only the latest technologies but also the key issues affecting the education sector. I would have no hesitation in recommending SNS to any organisation who are looking to build a relationship with a trusted supplier.

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    The VMworld 2014 Roadshow was a very informative and well thought-out and presented session. The approach taken by SNS to involve experiences from all participants made it enjoyable and a real world learning session. The SNS technical members are truly a highly knowledgeable team willing to share their expertise.

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  • casestudy

    VMware DR & Data Protection for Angel Trains

    There were just too many physical servers so we needed to virtualise as much as we could and make the process as painless as possible. In addition the business could no longer be confident that in the event of a disaster it could reliably recover, we needed the process to be streamlined so we can easily test our business continuity plan on a regular basis.

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    Waltham Forest College

    The event was organised with the right topics – I found NSX, Virtual SAN and vRealize Operations very useful.

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  • casestudy

    VMware Data Protection for Jephson Housing Group

    We have a diverse infrastructure and therefore have deployed a wide range of backup products, we also tried a number of free or low-cost agent-less VMware solutions, but these proved to be unreliable. Backup had become a significant drain on the department’s resources and it had become clear that we needed to consolidate onto a single reliable solution.

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  • quotes


    Great event for those who want a technical discussion on upcoming VMware products, found it useful to help us prepare for future projects and implementations.

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  • casestudy

    VMware Data Protection for University of Westminster

    The University has been running a mix of internal and out-sourced backup solutions for many years which has worked, but there has been a clear desire to reduce administration and consolidate these into a single solution. We were clear that any new solution would need to provide us with the ability to back up and restore our VMs without the need for in-guest agents to be installed.

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